Friday Obligatory Friggin' Michele Post

It's getting harder and harder each week to come up with a friday Michele post so I've decided to do a Friday Michele post about writing a Friday Michele post about why I won't be writing any more Friday Michele posts.

I love Michele. I really do. She's been very kind to me and I'll be forever in her debt. That said, she's starting to become a pain in the ass. Every Friday, she leaves a comment demanding that I do the post about her. She expects it immediately too. I mean who does she think she is coming to my blog and demanding things? Man, just like a New Yorker.

Besides, do you know how much pressure that is? I don't need anymore pressure. As it is, I've developed a tic in my left eye from my job. It's always flickering and blinking and sometimes it feels like it's half closed but then it flicks back open. It's very distracting. My eye has become retarded. I hope it's not that noticeable. Plus, there's this constant pain right at the base of my left skull. That's a headache resulting from stress. So you can see that the last thing I need in my life is more pressure.

So, sadly, this is my last Friday Michele post.

Until next Friday.

Oh, and one more thing - why does Michele write basically the same damn post that I do and she gets 19 comments and I get none, huh? Man, sometimes I hate her.

Update: You know, maybe she could do a weekly Friday Bill post. See how she likes it.

Update II: That's great. She just slaps me on as an addendum to her last post. Don't kill yourself, Michele. I wouldn't want you to get carpal tunnel or anything. Yes, I am an ungrateful little bitch.

But I'm yours!

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